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We are bubu.


We were founded in 2023.

We work with young minds.


We believe in the next generation of creatives and talent.


We rethink processes to provide sustainable, future oriented and happy productions.

What have we done?!

Browse through our latest work and find your favorite references between ads, short movies, cinematic content and social production.


... and so ready for you!

We bring ideas to screen, to customers, to partners, to life. Together.


contact us and let's discuss your ideas!
+49 175 194 7418


want our number?

on set: Thien Phuoc Nguyen - main cast of VILM (2023)


look around


90min feature film.
17 Days of shooting.
1 location.

henri und leon




Leon Morelli

the eye behind the screen


creative producer & 

creative copywriter

Henri Nunn

the eye behind the lense


camera student at University of television and film munich

Thanks - we'll contact you!

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